An effective way to extend intercourse

Climax control premature ejaculation benefits

    • More sexual energy

Climax Control pills to prolong sex, will not only increase your sexual energy, but also allow you to stay in shape longer sexually. The most wonderful erotic experiences do not have to end soon. You are able of more!

    • Maintain erection

Erectile dysfunction consist of the inability to achieve erection or maintain an erect penis to allow satisfactory sexual activity. Climax Control pills that postpone ejaculation, will also help you effectively to keep your penis erect, prolong sex and enjoy a pleasure you’ve never experienced before.

    • Increase libido

The libido is a psychic excitation from inside the body which aims to satisfy the sexual needs. When you know you ‘re not able to fully satisfy your partner because of your erection problems, this causes fear of failure which also reduces your sexual desire. Take Climax Control yourself and you’ll see for yourself how soon it increases your libido and your ability to satisfy your partner.

    • Eliminate premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an erectile dysfunction characterized by ejaculating prior to sexual intercourse or the beginning of it. As a result, the duration of intercourse is considerably reduced, the couple does not feel satisfaction, and that man can have a feeling of ridicule. The premature ejaculation pills allow you to decide for yourself how long will your sex last with your partner.

    • More sexual power

The sexual power of a man consists in his ability to initiate, maintain, and carry a successful sexual intercourse. In some cases it is necessary to treat impotence. By improving your sexual stamina and increasing your sex satisfaction . Climax Control Pills not only postpone ejaculation, but it will also help increase your sex drive and get all the possible pleasures of sex.

User reviews

Some time ago I ended up with my girlfriend in an unimportant dispute. However, the real problem was something else and the dispute was merely a pretext ... >> more
RileyJUL 22, 2015
I used this product, it’s amazing. The fun time was much longer.. and better. My lady likes it very much  And I like such a play much more! I recommend this product, it is worth buying
KianJUL 10, 2015
It always lasted for a short period of time.. now, I simply delight in sex. Now I know what I was losing when I had to finish it too fast…
DanielJUN 17, 2015
Thanks to CilimaxControl I have full control over my orgasm, guys I recommend climax, it saved my relationship!!!
Joseph85MAY 17, 2015
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