An effective way to extend intercourse

Faq – how to keep the erection

    • What is Climax Control?

Climax Control is an excellent formula that improves the quality of your sexual life. It is a preparation recommended by doctors. Climax Control eliminates erection problems effectively and safely controls ejaculation, restores self-esteem and improves relationships with your partner.

    • What are the side effects of Climax Control?

The conducted clinical studies have not shown any side effects related to the use of Climax Control for healthy men who wish to avoid premature ejaculation.

    • How to Take Control Climax ?

We recommend taking 1 pill twice a day before meals.

    • Can I drink alcohol while taking Climax Control?

Yes , of course. There are no indications against the use of alcoholic beverages with Climax Control. Climax Control keeps running even when combined with alcohol.

    • Is it possible to package the product discretely ?

Is it possible to package the product discretely ?

User reviews

Some time ago I ended up with my girlfriend in an unimportant dispute. However, the real problem was something else and the dispute was merely a pretext ... >> more
RileyJUL 22, 2015
I used this product, it’s amazing. The fun time was much longer.. and better. My lady likes it very much  And I like such a play much more! I recommend this product, it is worth buying
KianJUL 10, 2015
It always lasted for a short period of time.. now, I simply delight in sex. Now I know what I was losing when I had to finish it too fast…
DanielJUN 17, 2015
Thanks to CilimaxControl I have full control over my orgasm, guys I recommend climax, it saved my relationship!!!
Joseph85MAY 17, 2015
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